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ERT TEST – an interesting initiative from Belgium

ERT TEST – an interesting initiative from Belgium

ERT test

The ERT Test is a project related to analyzing what kind of work we would like to do. See more at:

Our friends from Finale-Events believe that creative expression determines the quality of what kind of person you want to be and what kind of career is right for you. The project aims to launch an online platform that draws new connections between art, science and technology and can offer the creation of a colourless personality profile based on a unique system of tests through abstract art forms.

The ERT Test offers an in-depth analysis of the profile without discrimination, following the subconscious choice and the person’s deepest desires to explore new professional opportunities.

You will see a series of images that affect you emotionally, and you can indicate whether the impact is positive, negative or neutral. But how does the test work? There are no wrong answers, and after the test with the images and sound clips, you will be asked to fill in several more general questions.

Please note that the project is still developing, so the accumulation of information is essential.

You can help create the tool by doing the test here: