About us

The SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation is a non-governmental, non-religious and non-political organization with a non-profit aim, registered by the Bulgarian Law for non-profits, instituted to implement community service activities, aimed toward the development and validation of the civil community.

Our fundamental goal is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit and the private initiative in Bulgaria and help them grow.

The main activities The SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation undertakes have to do with:

  • the creation of informational matters and databases, elaboration of studies, manuals, analyses and strategies;
  • support for civil initiatives, projects by non-governmental organizations and entrepreneurs;
  • orchestration of and participating in work meetings, Round Tables, conferences and other thematic forums, organizing seminars and training;
  • spreading of information and encouragement of the public debate, research and promotion of good practices and innovative approaches amongst entrepreneurs in Bulgaria.

The SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation has a qualified and liable team of experts in different areas – finance, marketing, intellectual property, management of resources and development of specialized software applications. We are familiar with the procedures for working on projects, funded by different programmes; we support and help Bulgarian entrepreneurs to better their market positions, create and develop partnerships, modernize their technological resources, improve their working conditions, receive funding and lead a socially responsible and modern business in Bulgaria.

SOS Entrepreneurs Foundation Presentation (.pdf)